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My fork of xwinwrap.
Xwinwrap allows you to stick most of the apps to your desktop background.
My use case - can use gif as a background

demo gif


sudo apt-get install xorg-dev build-essential libx11-dev x11proto-xext-dev libxrender-dev libxext-dev
git clone
cd xwinwrap
sudo make install
make clean


Usage: xwinwrap [-g {w}x{h}+{x}+{y}] [-ni] [-argb] [-fdt] [-fs] [-s] [-st] [-sp] [-a] [-d] [-b] [-nf] [-o OPACITY] [-sh SHAPE] [-ov]-- COMMAND ARG1...
             -g      - Specify Geometry (w=width, h=height, x=x-coord, y=y-coord. ex: -g 640x480+100+100)
             -ni     - Ignore Input
             -argb   - RGB
             -fdt    - force WID window a desktop type window
             -fs     - Full Screen
             -un     - Undecorated
             -s      - Sticky
             -st     - Skip Taskbar
             -sp     - Skip Pager
             -a      - Above
             -b      - Below
             -nf     - No Focus
             -o      - Opacity value between 0 to 1 (ex: -o 0.20)
             -sh     - Shape of window (choose between rectangle, circle or triangle. Default is rectangle)
             -ov     - Set override_redirect flag (For seamless desktop background integration in non-fullscreenmode)
             -d      - Daemonize
             -debug  - Enable debug messages

Example xwinwrap -g 400x400 -ni -s -nf -b -un -argb -sh circle -- gifview -w WID mygif.gif -a


  • Added ability to make undecorated window
  • Changed how desktop window is found
  • Refactored window hints

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